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Richard Corlis at Time magazine thinks that the western is dead, due to the lack of opening weekend box-office for A Million Ways to Die in the West. We think the western will live forever, it’s bad comedies that are “hopefully” dead.  Read what he thinks here. 


We covered the dire straits that John Wayne’s The Alamo is in last week. Now there’s a FB page dedicated to drumming up support for its restoration.

For those of you needing your latest Star Wars fix, here’s some leaked photos from the set.

And the Force is strong with Lupita Nyong’o and Gwendoline Christie, who have been added to the stellar cast line-up.

Over at the LA Times, Kenneth Turan’s new book, “Not To Be Missed” lists 54 must-see films.

Today may be National Donut Day, but how many of you knew this week celebrated RoboCop Day?


And what do RoboCop and Tony Curtis have in common? See what friends and acquaintances thought of this Hunky Hollywood Heartthrob, who would’ve been 89 on June 3rd (aka RoboCop day)!

Wow, Mandela scribe – TMI? 

And the man who can always be counted on for TMI, John Waters, has a new book out, reviewed by the New York Times

TCM Programmer Millie De Chirico has assembled a movie poster accounting for every film aired on TCM Underground, and it is a “blood”feast for the eyes!


Who better than conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone would be tapped to direct the Edward Snowden biopic? Hope it’s as good as Nixon (snark)!

For fans of the interactive stuff, here’s a cool page that displays “Then” and “Now” photos of the D-Day Invasion.

And lastly, for you Big Trouble in Little China fanatics, John Carpenter himself has penned the comic book! Check it: 


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